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Empty suitcases, but full of memories

After three hectic days of delivery, my trip was over. Suddenly it felt like hitting the breaks and everything stopped in time. If good memories had weight I would have paid an extra luggage fee at the airport. I thank all the people who opened their lives and participated in this exercise of trust across countries, nationalities, generations, art practices, and professions. The parcels witnessed a number of connections between the senders, the recipients, festival producers, audience members, and participating artists. These objects transitioned to another life and now will occupy another time and place in personal histories.

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Lomo delivery

This was the easiest delivery. It took place in an apartment in Vila Magdalena a few hours before I left. The recipient resides in Rio so she will pick it up next time she goes to SP.

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Capacete = Casco = Helmet

“Think of the eldest people you know, those who remember things you only heard about, those who saw things you will never see.” By Francesco Gagliardi.

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The hug

After delivering Parcel #5 we got a cab. There was no time to process what we had just experienced as I had forgotten the address for the next delivery. Luckily Lucy, the recipient, called my phone and saved us the trip to my place. Giovanni and I were so tired and stressed that we didn’t pick up the apartment number. But the taxi driver overheard the phone conversation and conveniently confirmed the address. Our encounter with Lucy was very warm and peaceful. After a few minutes we hit it off and discovered that Giovanni goes to the same meditation space and knows the same instructors. She offered us some red wine and cheese and we toasted to celebrate.

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The mystery of Anna of the Field

To deliver Parcel #5 we jumped into a cab as Anna had asked us not to go after 8:30pm. Although we were relatively close, SP traffic can slow you down big time. We got to the place and rang the doorbell. Anna’s husband peeked his head through the window as he was locked in without keys. He requested that we drop the parcel by the door and when we asked if we could take his picture for the memory he closed the window.

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Liquidificador. Delivered!

Right in downtown near Metro ConsolaƧao off Avenida Paulista, the blender got delivered. Before dropping it at Claudia’s work in the late afternoon, we had a little break to grab a Maracuya and Papaya smoothie to charge our batteries. Claudia, the recipient, was very pleased and surprised with her parcel as glass blenders aren’t common in Brazil. Here are some shots of the glass blender, her and me.

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Oh hello, this is Giovanni

Giovanni is an actor whose role as an angel is t-e-r-r-i-f-i-c-! We met at the festival where he works and he quickly became a YYZGRU Express ally. He was supportive at all stages; from the gallery installation to the parcels’ delivery, Giovanni was committed to the cause. Here we are on our way to deliver a parcel.

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Running to the next destination

Despite the fact that almost everyone I told about my trip suggested I avoid the subway because it isn’t safe, I had no incidents and didn’t feel unsafe.

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“I am wearing blue jeans”

Delivering Parcel 12. After a series of communication problems with the recipient due to my limited Portuguese, we finally managed to make plans to meet at the Metro.

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Delivering the irons

I called Clea and she offered to stop by my place to pick up the irons. She came to my place a bit earlier. When I met her downstairs in the lobby, the post man was delivering the mail to the building. We both looked at each other and laughed. Clea was so sweet and invited me to go to her beach house next time I go to Brazil.