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Capacete = Casco = Helmet

“Think of the eldest people you know, those who remember things you only heard about, those who saw things you will never see.” By Francesco Gagliardi.

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It’s up!

The exhibition of the parcels is up and will be on display from January 12 – 19 at SP Escola de Teatro (Pla├ža Roosvelt). Audiences can witness the objects brought to Brazil from Canada through YYZGRU Express. At the end of the show they will continue their journeys until they are delivered to their recipients.

Knitting and singing

More about this here.


helmet – capacete

A diagram for a set of possibilities

Spelled in both English and Portuguese a line was drawn connecting the space between each of the letters in sequence using different colours for each language.

Notice the trajectories they trace, the linguistic coincidences and divergences, the shapes formed by their intersections.

Conceptualized by Francisco Fernando-Granados.

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Score by Francesco Gagliardi.