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The mystery of Anna of the Field

To deliver Parcel #5 we jumped into a cab as Anna had asked us not to go after 8:30pm. Although we were relatively close, SP traffic can slow you down big time. We got to the place and rang the doorbell. Anna’s husband peeked his head through the window as he was locked in without keys. He requested that we drop the parcel by the door and when we asked if we could take his picture for the memory he closed the window.

In The Eye Of The Hurricane

Audio from fan fiction novel written by Anna of the Field and Dreaming Gypsy.


novel – romance

A diagram for a set of possibilities

Spelled in both English and Portuguese a line was drawn connecting the space between each of the letters in sequence using different colours for each language.

Notice the trajectories they trace, the linguistic coincidences and divergences, the shapes formed by their intersections.

Conceptualized by Francisco Fernando-Granados.

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Score by Francesco Gagliardi.